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this is the last true burning letter...

given to a girl...

&i c o n c o c t i o n
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r u l e s
{@} please credit me. seriously. it's not hard to do. i'm not going to be a nazi about it or anything, but i'd appreciate it. if you don't know how to credit, just ask me and i'll be glad to explain. if i find out too many people are claiming my work as their own, i'll have to make this journal friends only. and i really don't want to do that.
{@} comment if you take any. i'm always curious to know where my creations end up.
{@} let there be no hating, flaming, arguing, or any sort of that nonsense. it's just not necessary
{@} i'll occassionally take requests. don't bug me to make personal icons for you though, espcially in my personal journal. that's kind of not cool.
{@} if you want to customize bases yourself, that's fine. i'd love for you to credit me, but when you customize them on your own time it's not necessary.
{@} i'm willing to write tutorials. just ask.

a f f i l i a t e s
{@} humiliategrape
{@} iconalias
{@} _blush_icons
{@} crushedviolet

if you'd like to be an affiliate, just leave me a comment. if you have a button, drop me a link.

c r e d i t s
{@} brushes >> icons: saava, isabellecs, dtissagirl, quebelly, elli, inexorablyhere, stumphed, ragingquietly, solookup, bentfire, milk, sans_espoir, whenidance, aurey, crumblingwalls, pekeana, balcarin, oxoniensis, gegenschein.

You can find these excellent brush-makers and their creations at 100x100_brushes

{@} brushes >> other brush sites:
elizabeth the painter
misguided buddha

*note: the brushes i use are mostly for PS. just so you know. psp is the devil.